Friday, October 17, 2014

India & Design.

I am now working with the highest end group of leather bag factories and tanneries in India.   There are millions of factories in India but I am currently connected with the top factories that do production for major French and European labels.    If you are looking to source leather goods in India, let me know.    I am headed to India in a few months to visit the factories in Chennai.  It should be an interesting journey and I can't wait to see the cows in the street.  


Tara Sauvage

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fall Update...Its Getting Hot.....

A few weeks ago I was in Las Vegas for MAGIC and the ENK trade shows.   The men's categories are blowing up.   5 years ago you did not see the massive amounts of men's products and accessories.  It is the fastest growing trend in the marketplace.   I have been hired by Mela Originals to design their new womens collection "Mela" and they also hired me to design a men's line which we named "Carlo".   I get to design the logo and the name, "Carlo"  - so far its like Tom Ford meets vintage California lifestyle.   Black Saffiano leather with cobalt nappa blue trim.   The bags look amazing and I enjoy designing men's leather goods more than women.   There is a lot more freedom and no one ever says no to my designs.  

It is already past labor day and there has been a major heat wave her in Southern California and the sign on the I-5 freeway says, "Severe Drought-Help Save Water!"



Marco the Pug - 12 weeks

Friday, August 15, 2014

My Other Love ....Thai food!

I have many loves in my life.  I love fashion and travel.  I also love Thai food.  It is my hobby to go to Thai restaurants in new cities and in my own area.   I currently live most of the time in San Diego and have visited several Thai restaurants.  (Seattle has better Thai food).   I also go to Thailand once in a while.  My most recent visit was in March this year.  I am not much of a cook and have not really tried to cook Thai food.   That is where "Golf" comes in.  I met Golf many years ago when she was an exchange student at Washington State University where I attended.   Golf was an international student from Krabi, Thailand.  She was really into going to the gym and cooking.  Fast forward a few decades later and she is still into going to the gym and cooking.

I met up with her in Bangkok this year and follow her face book posts of Amazing Thai food.  Here is a few of my favorites.   More to come soon and maybe some recipes.  (I am working on that!)



Thai Coconut Sticky rice with Dried Ship as a topping.  

Spicy Thai Prawn Salad

Mixed Seafood with Basil

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

New Joe Belt by Rocco Sauvage

We now have a new men's leather belt for the everyday guy.  Check out "The Joe" !
This belt is awesome for the everyday Joe.  Fits in all the jean belt loops!  Cool buckle from Italy with a natural looking patina!

Leather belt made in USA.  Ships from San Diego, California.

All of our products are made to last over a decade, and like you, get better with age!  No pun intended.

Available in brown or tan.

Brown Joe belt

Tan Joe belt


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Addition

I am been so busy with my freelance clients and summer activities that I have not had time to blog.   I am in the middle of working on two huge collections for Spring and Fall 2015.  Crazy how far out we have to work in the fashion industry.

In the meantime, we have a new addition to our family...

Meet "Marco" the pug.  I named him after a guy I dated from Milan, Italy way back in the day.   It has been about 6 months since Rocco passed away so Dante was getting very depressed and lethargic.  Every since we brought Marco home, Dante has perked up.   Hopefully they will be good companions.

Ciao for now,


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